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Wir zeigen Gesicht

In the spring of 2020, the world changed. The economy faltered and countless new rules of behaviour were implemented by various governments. The major part of the population no longer knows whether what they are doing is right or wrong. The main part of consumer life and purchasing power has moved over into the virtual world. As our social values shift, we have been pushed to take a step back and look at ourselves. Our enjoyments, our lives, have become something else, other than what we knew before.

But when something is lost, it give space for something new, something greater.

On the platform “Wir- zeigen-gesicht” we have found that something together. With a common consciousness, with brave hearts and with an appreciative attitude. We stand up and find the balance between compassion and standing firm. We are creating a new recovery package for our joy and to live fully.

We welcome many different  individuals and their view points. We appreciate wearing masks, as well as the desire not to cover the face. We respect the desire for vaccinations, as well as the desire to live ones life without vaccinations. We understand there are various reasons why people make their different decisions and we accept these.

We are a network that encourages and gives excluded people visibility and value.


We are employers where an employee’s value is not defined by wearing a mask, or if they have been vaccinated.

We are retailers who are appreciate seeing both your individually designed mouth-nose cover or your wonderful facial expressions when you are out shopping and that’s regardless of which health regulations you believe in.

We are service providers who will help you with advice and assistance with both face protection and open visor.

We are schools and kindergartens, excited to care for and raise your children toward a global career for the future.

We are authorities that enables you and your family to live life in appreciation with a minimum of regulation in our cities and communities, all without the need to assess your health ideology.

We are associations whose members like to play, make music and spend a warm and cozy time together, both with and without face coverings or vaccinations.

Wir-zeigen-Gesicht symbolizes:

• We belong together and are unique.
• We are connected and individual.
• We are one with ourselves.

We started in July 2020 and I’m delighted for everyone who feels connected to the vision to join us and share the ride.

Yours Bettina Bauernfeind